The renewal of your school membership would be subjected to your school compliance to the following AISEN rules and regulation

✓ All AISEN members must offer an international curriculum; this may be in addition to Nigeria Curriculum.

✓ No teacher is to be allowed in AISEN general meeting

✓ There should be no more than two representatives per school in all AISEN meetings

✓ All heads and Co-curricular coordinators must attend a minimum of 80% of all AISEN official meeting in a session.

✓ All AISEN member schools should host a minimum of one event every two years to retain membership.  The event may be hosted by a school using another member school’s facilities provided that particular school does not have such facilities.

✓ All member schools must participate in AISEN event in a session

✓ All member schools must engage in  a community service/service learning per term

✓ Every school must be ready to host the AISEN  general meeting