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As an organisation AISEN exists to promote best practice among its members. This includes raising academic standards in schools but also applies to working relationships between members. By standardising terms of reference we will create a register of teachers, schools, facilities to ensure standardisation is of the highest level.
To this end AISEN members must observe the following protocols:
References must be sought from the Head  Due notice must be served before an appointment is made. (This should be done at time of interview.) Notice should be 1 term NOT 1 month and salary should not be required in lieu of notice. (AISEN schools should amend their employment terms and conditions  section of the contract to reflect this practice.) Any teacher who give due notice, thereby indicating that he wishes to leave must be able to do so, confident that he will not be victimised in any way by his current employer or threatened with a poor reference – or even refusal to provide a reference.
When staff are dismissed for serious breaches of conduct from one ASIEN school, the incident with reasons for dismissal should be registered with the AISEN office. Other ASIEN members will be informed of the name of the teacher and may apply to the office for details of why the teacher has been ‘black-listed’. This will prevent the said teacher committing similar offenses in another member school.
References should be sought from the current school Head prior to admission. This should be regardless of age of student. Applications for scholarship or entrance examinations will not require references until the school wishes to admit that student.
Any student being excluded from a member school is entitled to a ‘second chance’ in another school. It is the duty of any school Head admitting a student to apply for a reference from the student’s current school – if only to protect the school from a repetition of any crime/misdemeanour. This is best done via an initial telephone call, followed by an official written reference in order to keep documents as evidence, should they be required at a later date.

AISEN Schools who do not follow this procedure and ‘poach’ teachers from other member schools will be fined heavily and required to pay  damages to the school from whom they have poached to compensate for the engagement of a teacher to replace the one ‘poached’.

They will also be subject to disciplinary measures from AISEN which may extend to exclusion from the organisation.